Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Perfumes for Women

Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Perfumes for Women gave a sweet fruity fragrance. Strongly smells like raspberry with an evidence of spice in it which creates it truly “seductive”. The scent is really sweet and playful that lasts up to 5 – 6 hours.

Here’s our list of top 10 Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Perfumes for Women that are largely Tremendous all over the world.

1.Bombshell Eau de Parfum

The enough dealer amongst Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Perfumes for Women line of perfumes, Bombshell is a fruity floral flavor also understood as the ‘LBD of Fragrance’.


Bombshell is a favorable satisfaction to the senses which very, very few perfumes have arrive close to in my significant opinion.

This nice fruity floral scent arrives with no limits on what ages may or may not manipulate it and is a hit with modern girls and women alike for not being too remarkable.

2.Heavenly Eau de Parfum

A warm and supernatural scent that Victoria’s Secret interprets as ‘an angel favorite’, Heavenly Eau de Parfum integrates notes of White Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Peony that make it a prize winning favorite.


For women who’d like Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Perfumes for Women bestseller that has no evidence of floral or fruity in it, here’s Heavenly to the liberation.

The new Heavenly now comes in a bottle that has angel arms on the cap and is embellished with tiny crystals. Keep in mind though, that this odor might be nicely fitted to grown-up women than teenagers.

3.Love Spell Eau de Toilette

From the Secret Garden Collection, Love Spell lends you the impression of wearing flowers on your face all day, every day. Adequate for species who dislike using perfumes. Convenient as Eau de Toilette, Mist and Body Lotion barely.


Love Spell isn’t a perfume in the traditional sense. This makes Love Spell mild and cooling, and a tremendous pick for someone who finds daily perfumes too impressive to wear on a daily basis.

4.So In Love Eau de Parfum

Rear by popular demand, Victoria’s Secret So In Love perfume is an interesting fragrance that imparts a sheer, fresh floral bliss to the wearer, and is a fragrant ode to the timeless allure of love.


Another scent that was brought back hardly due to customer demand, Victoria’s Secret ‘So In Love’ is a timeless masterpiece that can be scraped by women of any age with ease.

With undertones that I incredibly love—rose, violet leaves, cognac, jasmine, honey, and ylang-ylang- this a floral fragrance that is nice without being too sweet.

5.Endless Love Fragrance Mist

Get willing to fascinate everyone around you with the Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Fragrance Mist. Incorporating aloe vera and chamomile to both situation and calm, this mist has a striking scent that evacuates you wanting for more.


Another aroma from the Secret Garden collection, Victoria’s Secret Endless Love is an aroma mist that has undertones of pomegranate, apple blossom, peach, and ylang-ylang.

Dissimilar the other Secret Garden batch starred on this list, Love Spell Endless Love is a mash of all things fruity and is incredible for anyone liking to smell clean and healthy.

6.Love Rocks Body Mist

Wild meets class in this coveted aroma by Victoria’s Secret that integrates notes of Bergamot, Peony, Violet, and Vanilla. Accessible as Perfume and Body Mist in select stores only.


Don’t judge a book by its cover they tell, and nowhere have I ascertain that axiom to ring truer than it accomplishes with this cute little fragrance.

I sold my first bottle of Love Rocks courtesy a cousin visit from Europe and unwrapped it only to find that underneath some very zany, blood-red packaging comes one of the most gorgeous, floral scents from Victoria’s Secret stables.

7.Bombshell New York Eau de Parfum

A poem to the energy of the world’s most famous city, Bombshell New York is an aroma inspired by the flowers of the night, bottled entirely for the sexy and glamorous.


What’s reasonable than one very decent thing? Two very reasonable things, of course! Just like yours really, VS couldn’t seem to get enough of Bombshell either me believes and that’s how Bombshell New York transpired.

Because related to Bombshell, Bombshell New York too is a fruity floral scent, albeit with a shelf.

8.Wicked Eau de Parfum

A nervous, dark twist on the original Crush aroma with some completely delish notes like Freesia, Black sugar and Tahitian Vanilla, Victoria’s Secret Wicked is a warm perfume meant for the 99% angel.


So, I have a substantial feeling that the noses related to in creating Wicked were on a sugar rush that personal day coz Wicked is hands down one of the sweetest aromas from Victoria’s Secret exhibition.

9.Night Eau de Parfum

Encouraged by midnights in Paris, Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ is a warm, glossy fragrance that makes for the outstanding inspiration to both—your senses, and to the ones around you. Incorporates notes of Black Plum, Velvet Woods and Luscious Apple amongst others.


The black, rhinestone studded bottle speaks for itself as the perfect accessory to a mature, seductive lady. In fact, that was pretty much my only reason for buying it.

With remarks of Black Plum, Velvet Woods and Luscious Apple, Victoria’s Secret Night makes for a distinct impression that makes the wearer immediately recognizable wherever she goes.

10.Scandalous Eau de Parfum

Fascinate yourself in the magic of Victoria’s Secret new fruity floral aroma that takes sexy to an entire new level.

With notes of Black Peony, Raspberry Liqueur and Praline, Scandalous is one aroma that women of all ages would like to wear.


With the stunningly seductive Jasmine Tookes as the skin of this aroma, Scandalous has one thing to say, and it says out loud—if you’re looking to slay, this is the aroma to do it with.

A fruity floral scent a la Bombshell, Scandalous has undertones of Black Peony, Raspberry Liqueur and Praline, a distinct mixture that earns for a distinct impression too.


With a broad expanse of sweet, spicy, floral, fruity and woody aromas that are always being innovated and enhanced upon, Victoria’s Secret does one nightmare of a job with the abundance of aromas in its armory.

We have something for everyone’s nose and we hope that our list of top 10 Victoria Secret Pure Seduction perfumes for Women helped you to find yours.

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